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What is Vision Zero?

In December 2021, the Alameda City Council adopted the Vision Zero Action Plan that aims to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries by 2035. Vision Zero is a nationwide effort that recognizes that traffic deaths and severe injuries are preventable and that cities should work towards a goal of zero deaths and severe injuries. It addresses all collisions, whether people are traveling by car, truck, motorcycle, bike or foot. The Active Transportation Plan was developed with its Vision Zero goals at the forefront. For more information, see the City's Vision Zero web page

What about the Climate Action and Resiliency Plan?

In September 2019, the City Council adopted the Climate Action and Resiliency Plan, which sets ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gases in Alameda. 70% of emissions come from transportation sources, so the Plan assumes that, by 2030, all transportation projects in the City’s Transportation Choices Plan will be constructed, plus an additional 10+ miles of bikeways. The Active Transportation Plan incorporates these goals and projects. 

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