What is Active Transportation?

Alameda’s Active Transportation Plan will be a consolidated bicycle and pedestrian planning document. For this Plan, active transportation includes people biking, walking, and using wheelchairs and mobility scooters, pedal and electric scooters, electric bikes, skateboards, and other similar wheeled vehicles. Basically, anything that could legally use the sidewalk or a bicycle lane or path!

We’re not starting from scratch!

Over the past decade, the City has adopted numerous plans, policies, and guidelines to shape the development of its active transportation infrastructure. These have resulted in the design and construction of many projects throughout the city, including the separated bicycle lanes on Fernside Boulevard and Shore Line Drive, multiple segments of the Cross Alameda Trail, and numerous Complete Streets capital projects. Find out about the many current capital projects underway and all of the existing transportation plans and policies on the City’s Transportation web page.

Funding to develop the Active Transportation Plan is largely supported by Alameda County's Measure B and BB.